juin 01, 2011

June -- Way Too Soon

Can you believe it's already the month of June ?! This year just flew by and I feel like I've known the kids in my class forever and yet we just met. Doesn't make much sens but whatever !
This school week went by very fast : I had school Monday, there was a strike on Tuesday and today I only had  class in the morning. We're having a four day weekend because of a religious holiday. Tomorrow night I'm going to a friend's birthday party. That promises to be fun ! I made chocolate chip cookies for the occasion, (and bought Oreos--Yum!) and I can't wait to figure out what to wear. The simple pleasures of life! :)
Since I was feeling a bit guilty about the cookies, I did two hard yoga sessions (I get them from a podcast, they're really good) and feel great now !
I hope to go to the beach tomorrow afternoon before the party, even though it's been freezing here in Brittany. Practically all of France is having a major heat wave except for us of course, but it's going to be sunny for the next couple of days so I'll be taking advantage of that.

This pic was taking at one of the beaches (20 minute drive from my house) in April ! My friend and I actually went in the water, and I can tell you it was very, very cold ;) 


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