juin 05, 2011


As promised, the party was great ! The host got a real camera (you know that cost a lot and that has really cool lenses&co) for his birthday, and we spent about an hour trying them out. We didn't stay up too late so on Friday I went out with a friend and we did a mini inprovised photoshoot. It was a lot of fun. We found this cool little alley between two houses and took most of the pics there.

I like that in this alley the graffiti, which is very urban, is juxtaposed with the overgrown stone wall, which to me is rather old fashioned and countryside-ish.

I'm back to school tomorrow, a full week-- how weird! Have a nice week!

3 commentaires:

  1. Love these photos, Gemma.
    You have a nice week, too!

  2. I also like the juxtaposition of the graffiti and stone wall. Beautiful! xx

  3. Thanks Dana ! :) And thank you Jennyboo ! :)