mai 29, 2011

School News - New Shoes

This week has been interesting : 2/3 of my class went away to Spain for 5 days including my 3 best friends. So it took some time to get use to this new dynamic. But it was actually great for me ! I got a chance to talk to people that I usually just say hello to and that's about it. I realized that I'm not as intreverted as I thought. 
On Friday, I had an oral exam in art history, which was scary : 5 minutes on a painting, its painter and the movement they belong to, without any notes. I talked about "La Rue de Prague" by Otto Dix. I did pretty well I think, Robin who was in the back of the class when I was presenting was supposed to be studying but he couldn't concentrate because he wanted to listen to what I was saying (^^). 

Yesterday, I did some shopping with my mother in the center of our small town : we help save the local economy. I got a cute top, a charm and these espadrilles I've been walking by every day while going to school.

They're American Vintage. They were already marked down to 25€, but thanks to my mother's hesitation, the owner of shop sold them to me for 15€ ! 

I got the charm on the right yesterday. They're made by this great Danish jeweler called Pilgrim. I had bought the red clover a couple months ago with my own money, but my mother payed for the flower as a gift for getting into the International section in Brest.

Today is Mother's Day in France,so I did the dishes and made Fajitas for lunch, and tonight we're are going to have pancakes. I was going to make them this morning but we were too hungry to wait.

Have a nice week !

mai 07, 2011


My dance course is over, way too soon of course. In the morning, I had ballet class and in the afternoon I took an introduction to modern-jazz class, which I had never done before. The ballet was great, I really felt like I improved in head and arm placement. Modern-jazz was fun but I didn't like it as much, mainly because I felt silly and I didn't know what I was doing.

Yesterday when I was walking back to class after lunch I very nearly got caught in a thunder storm. I had to run into the school and when I opened the door to the dressing room, BABOOM ! Huge burst of thunder. I made quite an entrance you could say. 
Here are a couple shots of the roses in front of the school.

Sadly I wasn't able to take any photos of the lightning. Maybe next time.
Speaking of sad things, school starts up again on Monday. Wednesday and Thursday I have a prep-test for my junior high "diploma". In France you take three big tests at the end of 9th grade in history, math and French on everything you've done this year, called "Brevet des Collèges" or "DNB" ; so to prepare the school organizes what is called "Brevet Blanc". It's the same tests that we're going to do at the end of the year except they're shorter and they count like any other test. And I have to study for that, plus I'm going to take tests on Wednesday for a special English class I want to take next year in Lycée (or high school), and that's in Brest which is at about an hour and half from where I live. This week promises to be very tiring. So does this Sunday ! 
Have a nice week ! :)

mai 05, 2011

Today, last Thursday of Spring Vacation, I created a blog, got a hair cut, and made cookies for my mother's event next week. Of course I froze them straight away, you don't want these hanging around the house !

It's been so nice out lately that I had to go take pictures of the iris in our backyard. I just love these flowers.
Starting tomorow I have a two day dance course and I'm rather excited. I took dance until I was 12 but then quit for two years and started up again this school year. I love it.