juin 25, 2011

Last Days Pass Too Fast

   Yesterday was the last day of school before the exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. This year just flew by.  I was feeling sadder then last year because next year I'll be going to Lycée in a different city, so I won't see my friends anymore. I met some great people this year. I'll really miss them.

Some of the kids in my class.

 My best friend, Agathe.

My other best friend, Aurélia and her boyfriend, Cian.

We had a "goûter" in Spanish class. I made cookies and my friend Marie brought Nutella, and voila ! Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies, aka How To Gain A Thousand Pounds In One Bite Cookies.

The sales started on Wednesday. I found a nice pair of Vans but they didn't have my size (I have tiny feet). I'll wait to go to Brest or Lorient for the good stores, can't wait. 
Well, I have to go study. Have a nice weekend !!

3 commentaires:

  1. Oui! Vas étudier!! Je t'envoye pas à l'école pour t'amuser aussi bien. ;)

  2. Love your pictures! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I am sure you will do great!
    XO Carrie