janvier 30, 2012

5 Things

Okay, here it goes : Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and welcome to 2012 ! 
I have been really working hard for school, and been wanting to post for a while. One of my resolutions this year is blog once a month (small steps this year). To do so before the end of January, I'm simply going to do a list of the 5 things that are currently making me happy.

Number 1 : My new coat


Number 2 : My new shoes ( Yes, I'm quite shallow :)

Number 3 : My new friends, Julie & Sibylle

Number 4 : These lovely stocking stuffers & new jewelry

(Essie nail polish in Cute As A Button and Lapiz of Luxury, Dior lipstick)

Number 5 : I took up track & field again

(This pic is from last summer)

And to rap up this post, two of the many things that made me very happy over Christmas break : 

(Home made Sugar Cookies)

Have a good week!

novembre 01, 2011

Hello November

       Oh my god, how can it be November again ! I love this time of year : the leaves, the crisp air, all the national holidays giving us days off, and my birthday ! :) My vacation is almost over and I feel like I haven't done a thing. But I did of course. I took pictures, lots of pictures. And slept. And cleaned. And tumblred. Okay so I have done something. 

Some these are from the weekend we spent in Pont-Croix back in September. 

Have a good month ! :)

octobre 25, 2011

Well, Well, Well...

        Well it's been way too long. I've been very busy with moving, school, arranging... There is no way I can ketchup with everything that has happened. All I can do now is post some pics that sum up these past two months.

Death By Chocolate Smoothie
Summer Passion Smoothie
Mango Marvelous Smoothie

More coming up ! :)

août 24, 2011

From The Big Apple part 2

  Hello everyone ! Only two more weeks and I'm back at school. Can you believe how fast the summer's gone by ? In only a couple weeks I'll be starting life in a whole new city, at a new school ( Lycée = High School ), in a new appartement. A lot of "new"s, right ? 
  Anyway, here are some more photos from my summer in NYC. :) 

Delicious Peach Ice Tea 

Out in front of the NY Public Library 

Little Italy

Yum ! :)

Here's a little preview of my pics from Cali. :)

Long Beach, CA

  Voilà ! Have a nice end of week. :)

août 17, 2011

From The Big Apple part 1

  New York. I was going to post from there but didn't have any time, so now that I'm home and totally jetlaged, I'm finaly getting around to posting. Here is the first batch of pics from July.

Lunch at Café Noi, NY

Red Velvet Cupcakes at Little Brown

Wethersfield Cove, CT
Downtown New York

Well that's all for now. I'll add more this week. Need to sleep now.
Good Night everyone !