mai 29, 2011

School News - New Shoes

This week has been interesting : 2/3 of my class went away to Spain for 5 days including my 3 best friends. So it took some time to get use to this new dynamic. But it was actually great for me ! I got a chance to talk to people that I usually just say hello to and that's about it. I realized that I'm not as intreverted as I thought. 
On Friday, I had an oral exam in art history, which was scary : 5 minutes on a painting, its painter and the movement they belong to, without any notes. I talked about "La Rue de Prague" by Otto Dix. I did pretty well I think, Robin who was in the back of the class when I was presenting was supposed to be studying but he couldn't concentrate because he wanted to listen to what I was saying (^^). 

Yesterday, I did some shopping with my mother in the center of our small town : we help save the local economy. I got a cute top, a charm and these espadrilles I've been walking by every day while going to school.

They're American Vintage. They were already marked down to 25€, but thanks to my mother's hesitation, the owner of shop sold them to me for 15€ ! 

I got the charm on the right yesterday. They're made by this great Danish jeweler called Pilgrim. I had bought the red clover a couple months ago with my own money, but my mother payed for the flower as a gift for getting into the International section in Brest.

Today is Mother's Day in France,so I did the dishes and made Fajitas for lunch, and tonight we're are going to have pancakes. I was going to make them this morning but we were too hungry to wait.

Have a nice week !

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