août 24, 2011

From The Big Apple part 2

  Hello everyone ! Only two more weeks and I'm back at school. Can you believe how fast the summer's gone by ? In only a couple weeks I'll be starting life in a whole new city, at a new school ( Lycée = High School ), in a new appartement. A lot of "new"s, right ? 
  Anyway, here are some more photos from my summer in NYC. :) 

Delicious Peach Ice Tea 

Out in front of the NY Public Library 

Little Italy

Yum ! :)

Here's a little preview of my pics from Cali. :)

Long Beach, CA

  Voilà ! Have a nice end of week. :)

4 commentaires:

  1. All that food has my mouth watering. Yum is right! You make it look even better.

  2. I enjoy seeing your scenes from the streets of New York City! Nice to see *you* in the library shot with the statue. Also wonderful: the classic taxi cab and the reflections of buildings in buildings. Maybe you've started back to school now ~ hope the new year is a good one for you!

  3. Thanks Kimi ! I started school about two weeks ago, but we had internet problemes so I've been totally disconnected. It's great to be back ! :)