juillet 01, 2011

Lemonade Day

  I've been very happy since I'm on Summer Vacation, and the weather finally got with the program-- it's been so hot ! I made myself spend about an hour out in the sun, trying to prepare myself to the scorching heat of NYC. Conclusion : I need more prep time. I haven't gone to the beach yet but hope to go this weekend. I can't believe in a week's time I'll be in an airplane over the Atlantic. So excited !
  Having more time then usual, I decided to make some lemonade. I usually make this when it's hot out, so pretty much once a year. ;)

I had some this morning with my breakfast, it was such a nice way to start the day.

{Kiwi; Toast with Apricot Jam; Lemonade}

  I spent the today at my best friend Agathe's house since it was her birthday. We had a great time. We took pics that I'll add this weekend. :)
Have a nice weekend ! 

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Gem:)

    I'd like to drink it now!
    It's very hot and humid in Japan.
    Your lemonade seems to make me feel better!
    I've not make it.
    I'll try to make it this summer:)

  2. Hi Juriko !
    Here's the recipe for more or less a generic pitcher : 3 lemons (= 1 cup of juice)
    5-6 cups of water
    1/2 cup or 1 cup of sugar, depending on your tast.
    Put it in the fridge over night. So good!